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AIARE Level 2 + Avalanche Rescue
December 3-5, 2021 

Course Description: 

The AIARE 2 is a three-day course that provides backcountry travelers an opportunity to advance their decision making skills in more complicated situations such as being a leader within a small travel group, traveling in more complicated terrain, and/or developing a travel plan where resources are scarce. 


The AIARE 2 builds on the introductory avalanche hazard management model introduced in the AIARE 1 and adds to it the evaluation of critical hazard assessment factors. Students will describe and discuss weather, snowpack and avalanche processes, and identify how these processes relate to observations and travel within avalanche terrain. 

The Avalanche Rescue Course teaches the basics of companion rescue and expands rescue skill sets with advanced topics and realistic scenario practice to help improve their skills.

"The AIARE Level 2 and Companion Rescue by Verascapes was by and large a phenomenal success in my book. From start to finish, the execution of the course was thoughtful, intentional, and the results were astounding. My expectations were blown out of the water after completion of this course and I would recommend any course by Verascapes to anyone looking to expand their learning not only about hands on skills to navigate the natural world but also about their own identities as outdoor enthusiasts, leaders in their own right and many other intersections of their own internal landscapes.


Verascapes felt unique in that I have never been a part of a course with so much diversity in backgrounds of my fellow course colleagues. People varied in how they came to love backcountry touring, the modes in which they traveled in the backcountry, their ethnicities, genders, hometowns, experience, knowledge, goals, and so much more. Our course instructors made it a point to target safe learning environments to promote optimal learning and harmonious, teamwork oriented gatherings in what otherwise was a challenging weekend of pushing us in the way of expanding our knowledge and bettering our leadership skills to meet our individual learning goals."

--Tiffany B

Verascapes teamed up with Kaf Adventures & Greybird Guiding to provide an American Institute of Avalanche Research and Education Level 2 & Companion Rescue Avalanche Course.

At Verascapes, we recognize that outdoor courses often feel exclusive, especially for historically marginalized communities. Our instructors utilize techniques cemented in culturally responsive leadership in order to effectively teach AIARE curriculum in a learning environment that feels safe and fun for all! 

What Makes Our Program Different?

Course Breakdown

Pre- Course Level 2 Online Work

  • Provided by Kaf Adventure


Pre-Course Zoom Meeting: November 30th, 6-8pm PST

  •  Cover Level 2 content and answer questions about the course

Day 1: December 3rd, 8am- 4pm

Avalanche Rescue​​

  • Identify and be able to use gear necessary for avalanche rescue.

  • Set up a realistic scenario in order to practice an avalanche rescue response.

Day 2: December 4th, 8am- 4pm

Level 2

  • Differentiate where specific avalanche hazards exist within the landscape and identify avalanche terrain where consequences may be more severe.

  • Use and interpret weather, snow, and avalanche observations to locate appropriate terrain prior to entering and while in the field.

Day 3: December 5th, 8am- 4pm 

Level 2

  • Demonstrate leadership skills within a small team that includes facilitating small group discussion, promoting appropriate terrain selection, and utilizing simple risk management strategies.

PC: Michael Hibbs

Our Course is Unique

This course was special in that participants spent three days and two nights together filled with avalanche education, leadership development, and community-building. With lodging subsidized by Verascapes, all ten students stayed together throughout the duration of the course to maximize learning opportunities and build community amongst the team. 

The early season course meant students have all winter to use the AIARE risk management framework in their backcountry endeavors.

Verascapes partnered with Kaf Adventures and Greybird Guiding for Avy Fest! Verascapes teams up with guide services across the PNW to provided AIARE certified avalanche courses. 

Interested in our programs?

Verascapes will host more AIARE courses this spring.
Our newsletter will have updates on our upcoming courses!
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