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As a Hong Konger and trans-woman, I am in the middle of a 3-way intersection of under-represented communities in most spaces. Even outside the outdoors community, the lack of people that looked like me in the spaces I wanted to occupy had a big impact on my self-confidence and the choices I would make. I think back and wonder how an organization like Verascapes would have impacted my youth… But I don’t think back with regret or sadness because it exists NOW and it’s making an impact NOW. And I think about the work we do, and how it can help others who are looking for community, and it is hope that I feel. And we do this work within a space that I adore, the outdoors. And so, I welcome you to join us, to build a better and more diverse culture of inclusivity, equity, and justice for all people in the great outdoors!

Certifications & Credentials

AIARE Rec I, II, Companion Rescue

Avalanche Awareness Course Instructor

Snowboard Instructor at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort

BA in Economics, University of Washington

Devin Gaan

Verascapes Communications Director

Why am I part of Verascapes? Because representation is everything. The impact of seeing others who are like you, brings forth levels of confidence, acceptance, and safety that can hardly be described in words. It can draw people into new experiences which they may never thought they could do before. It can build communities out of hobbies. It can help push someone to new heights and reach goals they never thought possible. Representation matters, more than most will ever realize. But I know.


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