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Building an Outdoor Culture of Inclusivity and Diversity

Our mission is to lift and support underrepresented people, especially from our BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, by shifting people's perceptions about themselves, others, and the world around them through transformative outdoor education and experiences.

Outdoor Experiences and Education Designed Around You


Custom backcountry programs at Verascapes during the winter

Verascapes is a team of bold, collaborative, and enthusiastic outdoor educators and professionals working to inspire, connect, and grow our outdoor community by promoting...




Feel Empowered in the Outdoors

Verascapes offers programs for adults, youths, and families. Our certified and talented team of guides and educators provide high-quality and rewarding (plus always fun!) outdoor experiences.  Group sessions are small, giving each person a tailored, individualized approach to tap into their adventurous side. Our skill-building programs reduce barriers, ensuring everyone is part of a positive and meaningful experience in nature. 

Leaders By Example

Our Leadership training and coaching is built on a framework of equity and inclusion. It is a pivotal piece to our goal of expanding BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Leadership Roles within the outdoor industry and beyond. Our team of professional guides and instructors come from varying backgrounds, lending different perspectives to new ways of moving and being in the world. 

It’s Your Community 

Character-building and confidence come from taking on new challenges while being supported by a team of inspiring role models.

Athletic. Strong. Dynamic. Transparent. Thoughtful. These are just some of the qualities that make up our diverse community. Many of our participants go on to become Verascapes mentors and guides to expand and support our vision.


Ready to Take in the View?



Mountain climbing guides snowboarding with Verascapes

Where We’ve Been Defines Where We’re Going. 

Truth.  The mantra and meaning of Verascapes.  The inspiration behind the name came from a moment while soaking up the quiet view on a mountainside.  Nature can unveil all the possibilities within each of us and give new meaning to where we are on our path. 


The world is complex and navigating successfully through it means opening up your mind to all truths that lie ahead.  It’s celebrating our individual skills and abilities while working together to leverage each of our strengths.


Logo Gear

For your next trek.

Custom backcountry programs at Verascapes with the team

"Verascapes Emanates Community! Cultivating a space of fellowship by instituting a welcoming environment to all ages, types, and experience whether that be as steward, administration, novice, or all-around fun-time retreater.  As a female person of color, I am stoked about these ideals Verascapes possesses and have thus far felt so embraced into this outdoor education experience – and I say 'experience' because that’s what it is!  An inviting, community-oriented, encouraging EXPERIENCE!"

Raquel G.

Verascapes Rocks! So often, feeling like a burden to others more experienced than you can be a huge barrier to the outdoors. In addition, when you come from an underrepresented community and no one looks like you in the outdoors, that feeling is compounded. I am so grateful that I was able to learn in a safe and supportive environment. Verascapes helped challenge me, educate me, and inspire me. 

Tina P.

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