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Powers of 10

“Powers of Ten” is a short film that demonstrates orders of magnitude by zooming in and out of our universe. I was 19 and bored out of my mind when I watched this film in design school. The point of showing this outdated clip to the class, my professor said, was to demonstrate the power of a single atom when joined with another. If they could be the building block of entire universes, then imagine what humans could do together.

Photo credit: Damon Parrish

My involvement with Verascapes was spontaneous. Through mutual friends, I had been invited to a group chat with some of Verascapes’ leadership. I somehow mentioned that I had program planning experience in a conversation, when Brenda, Verascapes’ founder, asked if I could help. I

I’m certainly glad I said “Yes!”, because the experience has been incredible for my self-growth.

Photo Credit: Michael Hibbs

The outdoors has been a leadership lab, continuously forging my character and values. Through Verascapes, I look to support our team in creating intentional, well-crafted, and purposeful experiences for our students.

Photo Credit: Micheli Oliver

It is a salve to this time of prolonged social isolation. I work towards a future where we all act with community in mind.

- Tammy VuPham

Verascapes Operations Manager

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