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I've always felt that a single day in the mountains is a privilege, especially working as a professional in the outdoor recreational setting. I get to move through the mountains with people in their leisure time, and I get to call this my job.  Born in the western US, I recognize the privileges I've had. Presenting as a white, cis-gendered male, among others, has made this path easier for me.  And while I've spent most of my adult life in the outdoor industry, it wasn't until later in life that I settled into mountain guiding as my craft and profession. 

Arriving at this career later in life and by way of a circuitous path gives me a perspective to mentor others on this journey. I'd like to offer as much mentorship as possible to a more diverse group than the industry has typically represented.  A connection with nature has driven my life, and I want as many other people as possible to have the opportunity to experience that as well, whether through backcountry skiing, climbing a mountain, or just walking in a local park.

Certifications & Credentials

● AMGA Ski Guide 

● AIARE Course Leader 

● AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide 

● AMGA Apprentice Rock Guide

● Leave No Trace Trainer

● JD degrees

● Physical education degree

Shane Robinson

Ski Guide and Owner of Graybird Guiding

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