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Verascapes might’ve been what I needed as a young Asian-American in the Deep South. Raised by refugee parents, leisurely activities were not for “us”. Learn to swim? Wait until you’re an adult. Ride a bike? Even older. Walk in the woods? Never, too dangerous. Surviving life in fear of the environment is no way to truly live. It was only when I found friendship with other immigrant children did I realize the effects of generational trauma on my being.


The mountains became the one place where I could unpack family history and the effects it had on my life decisions so far. Difficult days on the rock and snow reshaped me. As a skittish person who never spoke up, I became someone who could lead others with conviction. Formative outdoor experiences gave me the confidence to be my own self, regardless of my community’s expectations of me.


I’m in the process of rewriting my life trajectory, and I hope to do the same for those who seek Verascapes education. I serve knowing that others’ lives may dramatically transform through outdoor experiences, just as mine did.

Certifications & Credentials

  • Leave No Trace Trainer

  • Wilderness First Responder

  • Behavioral First Responder

  • PSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor

  • AMGA Single Pitch Instructor

  • AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide

  • AIARE Level 1/Rescue training

  • M.S. Cybersecurity

  • B.S. Industrial Design

Tammy VuPham

Operations Manager

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