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Verascapes means “new truths in what I see before me,” and it represents the feelings and awareness that arise from having new experiences that shift our perspectives beyond the boundaries of what we think we know. In that shift, in that newly created opening, we see ourselves, others, and the world differently, and we have the opportunity to grow.

I experienced this shift personally when I first hiked and climbed Mt. Rainier long ago. I found clarity and purpose while walking through quiet, snow-covered hills and slopes. Once I became aware of the energy and power of moving through outdoor spaces, I learned how to recognize where I could find and create those moments in busier environs. My life dramatically improved once I became connected to nature and the outdoors. Since I didn’t have these opportunities within reach as I was growing up, I want to make sure others do. Thus, I founded Verascapes to share what I’ve learned and to provide the opportunity for others to have their own transformation.


By leveraging well-crafted outdoor-oriented experiences, I believe Verascapes can improve individual lives, generate healthier communities, and foster a more inclusive and just world.

Certifications and Credentials

  • Camber Outdoors Mentee Cohort 2021

  • MBA in Sustainable Business, Pinchot University, Seattle, WA

  • B.A. Geographic Information Systems, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

  • AIARE Course Leader

  • AIARE Pro 2

  • AMGA Apprentice Ski and Apprentice Alpine Guide

  • Wilderness First Responder 

  • Leave No Trace Trainer 

Brenda Hollon 

Verascapes Founder

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